Planning Your Visit

The start of the trail is located at the Kelpies Basin next to the Helix Visitor Centre making the visitor centre an ideal place to park your car or bike before setting off to explore the historical Charlotte Dundas Heritage Trail. The route from the Kelpies to Dalgrain Road via Lock 1 and the ‘Rope Walk’ is a distance of 1.2km. The Kelpies to Lock 1 is 850m.

What’s nearby

There is plenty to see and do in the Helix Park and a wealth of tourist attractions and other things to do in the Falkirk and Grangemouth areas. See the Visit Falkirk website for further information.

What to bring

The trail is tarmacked and does not require specialised footwear. Consider bringing with you a camera, binoculars, sketchbook, picnic and sunscreen or simply enjoy the stroll along this new section of canal.


Further Information

For further information check out the Helix website or Visit Falkirk website. Alternatively you can contact the friendly team at the Helix Visitor Centre who will be happy to help you.

Panels along the trail

1. Timeline Panel

2. The Great Canal

3. The River Carron

4.  Flora & Fauna

5. The Charlotte Dundas Trail

6. The Power of Steam

7. Lock 1

8. Grangemouth New Town

9. Grangemouth Old Town

10. William Symington

11. The Boatyard